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African safari holidays are one of the most family friendly travelling encounters available

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Family Safari with Masai and baby goatAfrica safari holidays are one of the greatest holidays on most families list and provide an excellent possibility to be closest to the largest wild animal reserve in the world to observe wildlife within their natural habitat.  Numerous parents who may have never considered taking African safari holidays with their children, you could possibly be amazed to find out that family safaris are among the most popular kinds of vacations for children, from the age range of four years old to eighteen.

Child with Masai Boy and GoatsYou will find different holiday packages readily available and that we can assist you to plan your African Safari to your preferred African Safari destination.  Corto Safaris offer you family African safari tours to

Your family safari could be enjoyed in variety of different wildlife areas and with several different accommodation choices take a look at the family safari accommodation available.

Family in a 4x4 during a game drive

Your African family safari can be something that your family will never forget.  The advantages of a safari include things like observing amazing wild animals within their natural habitat, looking at stunning sunsets, and experiencing the breathtaking scenery and surroundings discovered only in Africa.  Even though famous for its great adventure, Africa family safari is just a thimble of the list of exciting and enjoyable activities in Africa.

Children friendly camps provide activities for the entire family.  Children understand more about care and conservation of wildlife.  Children act as if they’ve seen everything, and in lots of ways they may have, most have watch tv loop, sought out You Tube video clip, seen the amazing things of nature in HD-clarity on Planet Earth Dvd videos, read items and studied wild animals in school however the experience they’re going to have to be on ground level with Africa’s wild beasts is definitely an adventure they are going to relive and tell for a lifetime. The secret to touring with kids on the family holiday would be to engage all of their senses.

African Safari with your Family

An African family safari may bring family members a great deal closer when they experience the safaris alongside one another and without the children realizing they discover more about Africa as well as wildlife that roams around them. Also for the children they’re going to discover how to be environmentally responsible and socially responsible as they are exposed to the simple lifestyle of Masai people.

Families which enjoy viewing the wildlife documentaries could possibly find that organizing an African family safari could be the experience of a lifetime, or Families with small children who love watching the Lion King could possibly discover that planning their Africa family safari is making the lion king a reality, in either case kids age vary widely in their maturity and levels of interest in Africa and its wildlife.  This marvellous and fascinating combination means you have a wide selection of choices when it comes to planning your holiday to Africa.

African family safari vacations becoming increasingly popular, it might sound adventurous or seem like a totally different world. Well, both are right and that’s why it’s worth considering, contact us today and let us help you plan your family adventure in Africa.

Twas the night before Christmas when all through Africa Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Well okay not quiet but this is our African Christmas….

Africa suddenly stops and forms a huge “human migration” for the Christmas and New Year period.

Just as the great animal migration swarms so does the African population (that is we should say for those who are not in the tourism industry) so hordes of children, parents, grand parents, elders & warriors migrate to various villages in Africa.

Public transport suddenly becomes crazy as prices go through the roof, seats become rare to the point that these African busses become incredibly over crowded (and also sometimes dangerous) all in an effort to get to their villages.

December 25th is usually a fun filled day, beginning with church events for the Christian population, families gather in the sun and heat (you won’t find a chubby father Christmas in red suit and snowy boots here!) children having fun and laughing playing games.

They gather together to slaughter a goat then to share a meal with traditional Pilau Rice, but this is done is sobriety, without the excessive consumer society tricks.

The average families will not have 5 presents per child under the Christmas tree, instead the day is filled with typical African music, enough food and meat to fill up the tummies of everyone there, with a soda to wash it down, it is this togetherness that will certainly put a smile on the little faces, being together, dancing, chatting and sharing is the African Christmas day.

Of course not everyone celebrates this way, for us in the Tourism trade, it is not a time to stay at home and enjoy this relaxed time, oh no for us it is the peak season.

All of our teams are deployed, on the Kili, the National Parks into camps and lodges, where it is now nearly impossible to book a hotel in Zanzibar at this time of year!

For us the spirit of Xmas is for our guests to enjoy!